How I Use Forest to Deal Easier with My Hyperhidrosis?

Having a forest in your backyard is simply a blessing. Fresh air, beautiful view, freshness, and peace are just a few of many benefits of living near it. I often talk about how important it is for us to save the forests, but this time I wanted to state have it has helped me overcome my issues because of hyperhidrosis.

There goes the saying that when you’re a kid, your fears are twice as big. Unfortunately, sometimes the world isn’t easy when you’re at a young age, especially when you have to deal with a condition like hyperhidrosis. There is a huge possibility that you haven’t even heard of this condition, so I’ll explain how it can affect your life. Hyperhidrosis is a condition of excessive sweating in which your body produces more sweat than needed. It can be caused by other illnesses, or occur because of no specific reason.

Mine was the second one. When I started to hit puberty, the sweating in my hands and feet started increasing. Since I was an active kid, always being in the outdoors and playing sports, I’ve thought that was the reason why I was sweating more than my friends. Later, I started noticing that my hands and feet started to sweat even when I wasn’t doing anything or resting. Eventually, it got to the point when I had to start wearing napkins with me to wipe my palms, and the harder part was for the feet. Whenever my friends would call me to come over to their house I was nervous because my sweat would cause my feet to be wet, and produce unpleasant smells.

The hardest part of dealing with hyperhidrosis, and being bullied was in highschool. I was an easy target, at P.E classes, when we needed to work in pairs or play something with the ball, kids would avoid passing the ball to me because it would get wet. In the locker room, they would often make fun of me, if my sweat caused my feet to produce weird smells. I’ve felt very insecure, depressed, and lonely, and one place I knew I could always look up to was the forest.

It helped me take my thoughts off everything when it was hard dealing with everything. I would take long walks, explore interesting things, and it would help me to calm. After a while, I’ve started exploring different medications options, and some would help but for a shorter amount of time, so at times I would think that there isn’t anything to do.

Luckily, when I was 17 years old, my mother discovered a treatment for hyperhidrosis called iontophoresis. At the time, I wasn’t even happy that there is another option that I can try out to control my excessive sweating. Because of my past, I didn’t believe it would work. My mother purchased the machine for me and persuaded me to be persistent because she has heard of good results with this treatment.

After a month or so, my situation got better. I was able to function in high school, my confidence increased, and my life changed. Iontophoresis was the physical treatment that I needed so much to get better, but the forest was the place that kept me calm when it was hard.

Nowadays, whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or nervous, I love to take a trip into the woods to collect my thoughts and calm my mind. I highly suggest that you try this if you have the opportunity, nothing heals your mind better than nature.

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