Save the Forest, stop Smoking!


Unlike other European countries, Sweden has the smallest percentage of fires in the Forest. Perhaps because of people’s consciousness, perhaps because of the law, and maybe because of Snus. A traditional smokeless tobacco product from Sweden(available also on snus uk) unlike chewing tobacco, it’s not a loose product, it’s putted in bags, and spitting is not required. It’s also regulated as Food by the Swedish food administration. Not that it’s healthier than cigarettes, it’s also safe for the Forest, and instead of smoking in the forest, you should use this Swedish innovation, that safe people that surround you and the Nature. We do not say that this is one of the main parameters, because Sweden have the lowest percentage of Wildfires, but you can not agree with me that it’s a smarter way than to smoke.  We need to educate, to teach, to help people in the United Kingdom and all over the world, how they can save the forest, the lungs of our Earth from Wildfires.  Here we can see what a famous Danish Banker said about wildfires in his Neighborhood!
You can buy smokeless tobacco here: Snus United Kingdom

”A forest means more than just money to individual owners. It’s something you’ve grown and cared for throughout many generations, and having that wiped out can be absolutely devastating,” Johan Freij

An Activist, Signe Bjorklund said: ” We need to avoid fire in the forest, by not bring fire able materials to the Forest,  that’s the half way of prevention.”, said Bjorklund in an Interview for a local Swedish Radio

According to this statement we have researched a little bit, and by some sources 3 from 10 Wildfires are caused because of Cigarettes. We would be happy if we could safe one Three from a fire, that’s why we suggest to bring Snus instead of Cigarettes to the Forest. Let’s use Swedish mentality, and start snusing instead of smoking  in the wildness. A Cigarette must be thrown, but Snus is spittles

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